OFFICIAL: Sewing Vintage Couture: Patternmaking & Clothing Construction

Sew Craftful Guest Post
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Vintage sewing and sewing with vintage sewing patterns is definitely a creative outlet.  And while there are many reasons beyond making your own clothes that make sewing so appealing to so many people, I believe the number one reason is honing a craft.

Of course making your own dress means it’s going to fit to perfection. After all, you’re making it especially for you or someone special aren’t you?

The design is original isn’t it?  There’s probably no other person in the world who’ll combined the fabric and pattern exactly the way you will.

Free pattern. Try to do it!

Free pattern. Try to do it!

The dress will cost less than the store brought version.  Well, not necessarily.  Why waste time making a basement-bargain type dress?  Your dress is a one-of-a-kind original-not something commercially produced for the masses that’ll hang on a rack in a big box department store until the last person to fondle it and the most willing buyer decides to take it home because it was on clearance.

You’ll want to use the best tools, resources and supplies available.  Your dress will fit to a tee-perfectly sculpted and exquisitely designed to your personal taste.

There’s no rush.  You’ll want to savor the process of making your dress the right way-without pressure because details matter.  It’s important for you to use time honored dressmaking techniques and skip no corners.

You deserve the best don’t you?

Lady's Doll Hat

FREE Hat Pattern!

Vintage All Occassion Coat

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