How to make a bed jacket

Bed JacketIf you’ve ever been bedridden, you can appreciate how nice it is to have a bed jacket that’s pretty and easy to slip into. Most of them are difficult to wear because of their narrow sleeves. This capelette solves the problem.  You can wear it as a loose cape, or tie it under the arms for a sleeve effect. For a very soft cape, make it in voile for warm weather or flannelette for the cooler days. For a crisper look, use quilted nylon. Trim both with lace and ribbon.

You’ll need

2 2/3 yards of fabric unquilted or 1 1/3 yards of quilted nylon

1 2/3 yards of nylon organdy for lining

8 yards of ruffled nylon lace

5 yards of satin ribbon 1/4 inch wide


  1. Make a paper pattern following the diagram. Draw a rectangle 36” X 24”. To mark the center front on one 36-inch side measure up from the bottom 21 ½ inches and mark.
  2. Mark the center back by placing a yardstick on the mark and slide the stick over to the top 24-inch side until the distance from the mark to 24-inche side measure 21 ½ inches.
  3. From the original mark measure over 3 ½ inches on center front and mark. Again from the original mark measure over 3 1/3 inches on center back and mark.
  4. Join the two marks with a curved line for neckline. Join center front and back with a curved line, as shown, for hem edge of capelette, for underarm ties, measure in from both bottom corners 10 inches and mark with X.
  5. For plain fabric, cut 2 pieces, using pattern. If using nylon, cut one quilted nylon and one nylon organdy. Seam center back of each piece. Mark three rows for yoke trim on outside piece, from center front, around the back to opposite center front. Start 1 ½ inches from neckline edge with each row 1 ½ inches apart. Top-stitch lace over each marked row. Pin lace heading to right side of capelette around entire bottom and neck edge, with lace facing toward body of capelette. Add tucks to lace at squared corners. Machine-stitch together just below the lace heading.
  6. Pin lining over capelette, right sides together with lace between. Stitch over previous stitching line around neckline, fronts and bottom edge, leaving 6 inches open at bottom edge. Turn to right side through opening and slip-stitch opening closed.
  7. Pin ribbon over lace heading of three rows on the yoke, leaving 10 inches free at each center front end for ties. Slip-stitch ribbon to capelette.Simplicity 4756
  8. Securely tack 4 strips of ribbon, each 4 inches long, to the lining where you have marked with X. Tie strips of ribbon for sleeve effect.

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