Stitching mechanisms occasionally become clogged with loose thread and lint.  This interferes with the operation of the sewing machine.  Cleaning and removing lint go a long way in the operation of your sewing machine.How to Oil the Bobbin Case of a Sewing Machine Of course your sewing machine’s manual should provide instructions on caring for your machine, if not follow these easy instructions.

Things You’ll Need

Small wire brush

Fabric softener sheets

Rust remover

Sewing machine oil

Step One

Turn the hand wheel until the needle reaches its highest point.  Open the slide plate and lift the  bobbin from the shuttle.  If you have older vintage sewing machine you may need to to tilt head of the machine back on its hinges to reveal the bobbin shuttle area.

Step Two

Clean the shuttle race, the shuttle and the shuttle race cover by removing any lint, thread or dust from the components using the fabric softener sheets and wire brush.  I use fabric softener sheets because they’re strong, last long and work well. If any parts of the bobbin area are rusted use a rust remover to clean those areas before proceeding.

Step Three

Apply a drop of sewing machine oil to the outer edges of the shuttle. There’s no need to directly oil the bobbin or the casing.  Through normal operation of the machine all components of the bobbin area will sufficiently lubricate.

Step Four

Replace the shuttle after the bobbin case is oiled. Operate the machine as normal.


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