First up Singer informed me the mystery Singer I’m restoring in Part 1:  Restoring a Singer Sewing Machine is a Model 15.  It was manufactured (born) in Elizabeth, New Jersey on July 5, 1933. A true senior citizen.  I’m calling her Agnes.

Singer Model 15 Sewing Machines

I’m surprised they’re able to pinpoint the date so exactly. They also gave me some resources for picking up the missing items I’ll need in completing her restoration (I have the 15-91Adjusters Manual and the instruction manual). What Singer didn’t tell me what’s the exact series of this Model 15 sewing machine.  After my second email Singer sent these documents:

15-30_pic from manual

15-88_89.90 and 91 Pic from Manual

15-91 pic from manual

So as best as I can tell, Agnes is a Model 15-91.  Singer Model 15 was first manufactured in 1915.  The one pictured below is from 1954.

Vintage Singer Model 15-91 (1954)

Next up, repairing the damaged cord.


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